Fly the flag

This year, we reignite old rivalries and acknowledge the history and contribution of each club to the AFL Canberra league through a season guide and campaign.

AFL Canberra


This season, a number of teams re-entered the AFL Canberra league, with many of the original founding clubs now competing in Canberra’s premier competition. AFL Canberra have previously managed marketing and communications with the league through the weekly publication ‘Record’ which houses match day content, articles and a platform for sponsors to promote their relationships. Whilst this content is necessary and relevant, it has also become a throw-away item.


This year, we created a Season Guide to complement the season campaign ‘Fly the flag’. The season guide highlights the coming together of each team to battle and to fly the flag under one AFL Canberra community. Features include a short snapshot of each club’s history, milestones, team lists and match day content. Our concept focused on the history of rivalries by using a gritty, rough layout. This included the creation of a custom, hand-painted typeface along with a combination of illustration and photography.


– Identity & art direction
– Illustration
– Layout & typesetting
– Custom typography
– Marketing campaign