Brothers in arms

Saia and Anthony Fainga’a are two professional Rugby Union players, who currently represent the Queensland Reds and Australia. The twins have over 15,000 followers through their social channels, and use their connections and influence outside of football dedicating their time to charity and fundraising events.

Fainga'a Twins


These two professional athletes are in constant contact with tens of thousands of followers on their social networks; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The twins approached Inklab to create a website which consolidated their social content and highlights their professional stats and bios, along with a platform to promote their humanitarian and charity work.


Using several navigation approaches to enrich the user experience the site also pulls in multiple feeds of social media content, combined with articles and clippings to create a scrapbook style website. The website is fully responsive and features content which easily navigates the user through the Twins’ story, partnerships and latest happenings. The website has increased click-through from social channels, and positioned the twins with a platform to promote new partnerships and connect with potential sponsors, media, and public relations engagements.


– Brand & digital strategy
– Identity & art direction
– Responsive website
– Photography
– Social media strategy
– Marketing & social media

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