Unleashing the beast

The Ford Innate Motorsport Rally Team compete in the Australian Rally Championship. In a market saturated with generic rally car designs that you’d typically expect, Innate takes the road less travelled.

Ford Innate Motorsport


As a relative newcomer to the rally competition, the team put their energies into standing out from the crowd providing a complete contrast to the rest of the field. Our mission was to create impact by immediately grabbing the attention of spectators, fans and the rally world. If we could excite the fans with something different and polarising, the Innate team could then let their driving do the talking.


Fluid blobs of colour spill over a detailed geometric pattern to create a design that is fun and energetic. The international rally market responded enthusiastically to the unique design, which steers clear of the conventional masculine graphics often associated with the sport. Our digital marketing and social media strategy has driven a much younger and varied audience to engage with the brand.


– Brand & digital strategy
– Identity & art direction
– Illustration
– Photography
– Social media strategy
– Marketing campaign

“The design this year is fun with energetic fluid blobs of colour spilling over a geometric mesh pattern. Working with Inklab, we received a lot of positive feedback for our car design last year so we wanted to go full on with the design this year and really push the boundaries”

Adrian Coppin

Rally driver - Ford Innate Motorsport

Driving traffic

One of the largest drivers of online content (such as results and photos) are the fans of motorsport—so to build on the bold design, we developed a strong social media platform to engage with fans through sharing, competitions and photos. This allowed the team to gain insight into audience behaviours, whilst leveraging sponsor relationships and brand awareness for the team.