Gold's family opens south of the bridge

A new Gold’s Gym has launched in Tuggeranong, the third for the Canberra market. In a crowded market, the new gym needed a fun and gritty approach to their interior spaces, environmental graphics and wayfinding.

Gold's Gym Australia


Design graphics, wayfinding and interior spaces that reflect the dynamic environment while acting as to complement the Gold’s Gym ethos. Inklab created graphics, illustrations, posters and a gritty approach and implement brand identity that would fit seamlessly with the fitout of the gym.


We designed black and white paste-up style graphics for the reception and staircase mural to add some grit, and an alternate way to add various imagery to a large thoroughfare. The gyms utilises pattern, contrasted with pops of colours for the interior illustrations in the hallways, windows and classroom space. Incorporating blasts of colour with the iconic Gold’s Gym yellow, the front entrance boasts a large mural of brand ambassador Jenna Douros, with a similar theme continuing through to the staircase. The installation included a 3D brand identity situated above the reception desk and wayfinding signage throughout the gym.


– Art direction
– Project management
– Environmental graphics
– Signage & wayfinding
– Illustration & image treatment