Controlling complex processes

As a global leader in the business process and document automation industry, Intelledox seek to fundamentally change the way organisations approach business process automation and customer communications, through document generation and smart web forms for enterprises and government departments worldwide.



Intelledox are forward thinking — with innovative digital technology forming the backbone of the business. While the product on offer is among the best in the field, the visual communication of the company was not, and therefore, the way in which Intelledox presented themselves needed addressing. Our task was to redesign and rebuild a more contemporary website that cleverly articulated the core purpose of the business, the benefits of the products and present the content in a way that was clear and easily accessible.


Being involved from the early planning stages for the website, we simplified the content to the core messages. Our combination of information hierarchy and engaging design, delivered simple communication messages that could be easily interpreted. The corporate website is fully responsive, focussing on the client’s key service offerings, point of difference, and how they market to their target audience. This very concept of ‘simplicity’ was applied to the digital strategy and has increased lead generation, helping clients and suppliers to understand the core features, services and industries that Intelledox serve.


– Art direction
– Digital strategy
– Infographics & illustration
– Copywriting & editing
– Responsive website
– Marketing

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Responsive website

To ensure that Intelledox stay ahead of the game, we developed a responsive website so that any user who visits them online have an optimal experience (regardless of the device they’re using). Each breakpoint has been carefully considered, designed and developed to create a seamless browsing experience.