Life’s simple on a bike

Simple Cycles are a great bunch of people who work at a retail store based in Wollongong. They believe that bicycles are a simple solution that can help solve the world’s complex problems. We agree.

Simple Cycles


Simple Cycles came to us with a great name and a concept with reason. We were asked to help them develop their brand message and deliver on the idea that sometimes the simplest idea is the best one. This identity needed to apply to all brand communications, stationery, signage, merchandise and online.


We’ve developed the strategy around the ‘simple’ idea of stripping away layers of complexity. The container is a ‘frame’ to house the logo, forming a large part of the brand strategy—A way to present the products as if a piece of art. Within the minimal, pared back store, everything on display exists as an exhibit would inside an art gallery. The simple store philosophy starts at the brand mark and is seamlessly rolled out to stationery, merchandise, signage and the responsive website.


– Identity
– Merchandise
– Environmental Graphics
– Website