Supporting families

The Trauma & Grief Network is a support network which offers resources for caregivers to understand and respond to the needs of children and adolescents experiencing trauma, loss and/or grief.

Trauma & Grief Network


Originally branded as ACATLGN (The Australian Child & Adolescent Trauma, Loss & Grief Network) which was quite a mouthful and didn’t articulate the various stakeholders, members and audience. The network was set up as a joint collaboration between the ANU Medical School and the Department of Health to better support families and carers in troubling times. The organisation publish and promote a range of resources which focus on the care of young people affected by the impacts of trauma, loss and grief.


We delivered a new strategic position and identity ‘The Trauma and Grief Network’, combined with a new, more accessible digital platform to share resources in a simple and meaningful way. The new resource centre provides support for caregivers and children experiencing trauma, loss and/or grief. The new strategic position has been rolled out to a range of digital content through interviews, shared articles and video content including corporate video produced with Screencraft, short stories and illustrated animations to help children, adolescents and their parents feel connected through adversity.


– Brand & Identity
– Art direction
– Illustration & animation
– Website & digital strategy
– Marketing campaign
– Content creation & video